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  • Signature Gun Co serrations on slide with lightened barrel peep windows for extra weight reduction, slide manipulation and traction.  All Slides are Hand Finished and Polished in our 3 Step Pre-Coating Surface Treatment Process. Comes standard with optics cover plate for Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507c. Cover plates are machine engraved with our signature Freedom Flag, then anodized.
  • Frame work: Defender Series Frame Mod Package, with Laser Engraved BLACKSCOUT SURVIVAL LOGO.
  • Killer Innovations Velocity Barrel in BLK DLC COATING
  • Suppressor Height Sights from “NIGHT FISION PRECISION TRITIUM"
  • Anodized Gun Co F.A.S.T. Drop-In, Trigger 
  • Black Anodized Gun Co FAST Magwell 
  • Anodized Gun Co, Low-Pro, Carry Basepad
  • Extended Gun Co Mag-Release
  • Full Custom Gun Co / Blackscout Survival Hard Case, ( By Carolina Custom Foam and Nanuk )


 Wallet: T01 Tactical Wallet - Spec Ops Edition - Burnt Bronze, by DANGO PRODUCTS.

The T01 Tactical Wallet Spec-Ops edition was built to be rugged & tactical yet very sophisticated. The T01 Spec-Ops encompasses a fine mixture of metal & soft goods to hold your everyday necessities. The T01 Spec-Ops is the first non-leather wallet from Dango Products. The DTEX exterior is a resilient, flexible, water resistant, textured and durable material designed to withstand rough usage. As in all of our T01 Tactical Wallets, the T01 Spec-Ops also comes with the MT02 Multi-Tool. There are over 14 functions built in. The Dango MT02 Multi-Tool slides into the cavity where the cards sit. When engaged, the multi-tool is nested securely onto the safety locks on the wallet chassis creating leverage & grip. Functions of the multi-tool include: hex wrenches, paracord tensioner, cutter, nail pryer, serrated/sharpened edges, a ruler and even a phone stand. T01 Tactical Wallets are packed with functionality and packaged into one compact Dango Wallet. 




We developed a convenient and low impact way for the EDC minimalist to carry a tourniquet everyday.


You carry a gun everywhere you Or maybe you don't, but you still prefer to be prepared for worst case scenarios. Carrying medical gear is an essential part of that mindset, and a TQ should be on the bare minimum list when you leave your home.  After all, you're more likely to encounter someone that requires life saving first aid than you are to find yourself in a situation where a gun will save your life. Enter the FACTR TQ Card™...


We've looked at the various tourniquets out there...the CAT™, SOF-T™, RMT™, etc; and we've looked at how you can carry them. While very effective in their purpose, most of them are big and bulky and not universally optimized for use on adults and children; and they are not something that most are going to carry in their pockets or stuff into their pants. So what do you do if you want to carry a critical piece of life saving kit, but you don't want it to be cumbersome or print more than your G19?

We turned to the Rapid Tourniquet™ (R.A.T.S.). The Rapid TQ features all of the qualities that we were looking for in an EDC solution: effective at stopping massive hemorrhages, proven in combat and in civilian applications, universally applicable to a wide variety of body types, shapes and sizes, and compact and concealable. 

With a TQ that checked all of our boxes, we headed to the drawing board...measure some stuff, drink some coffee, sketch some lines, hire some lasers (multiple times), and voila!...the FACTR TQ Card. Laser cut from 1mm 6Al4V (Grade 5) titanium, the TQ Card™ allows you to carry a tourniquet in your pocket, backpack, purse, or wherever just like a wallet. The perfect material type and thickness allows a good deal of flex and spring return to bend with your ass (or whatever you choose) and retain its shape. Shock cord ensures that the Rapid Tourniquet will stay in place until it is needed, and a large pull tab makes it ready for deployment.

  • Ready-to-Deploy Design (even with one hand)
  • Wallet-Sized Profile for Easy EDC 
  • Lightweight 6Al4V (Grade 5) Titanium Card Flexes and Retains Shape
  • 1/8" Shock Cord Retention
  • Large Beam-Style Pull Tab
  • Rapid Tourniquet™ Included
  • Effective For Use on Adults, Children, and Canines


The Black Scout Ultimate Kit includes:

- Factory Glock® G19 Pistol: $700 (For customer-supplied pistol, subtract $700 before discount is applied)

- Gun Co Works: $2150

- Gun Co Thawk: $475

- FACTR TQ Card: $45

- Dango Wallet: $130 

- Case: $300


TOTAL: $3799.00