Complete Build Glock “El Gordo” XL Grip

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Ships in 4-6 weeks.

Full builds are done on customer-supplied firearms. If you do not have one, we can supply one at MSRP.

  • Enhanced double wide, Xtra deep and vertically cut serrations for maximum and positive traction. Comes standard with optics cover plate for Trijicon RMR, Vortex Viper, and Leupold Delta Point Pro. 
  • Frame work: Get-A-Grip Custom, Defender Series Frame Mod Package, Freedom Flag machine engraved on all cover plates then color anodized (Gun Co logo laser engraved into frame upon request for small fee)
  • Gun Co U.B.C. ( “URBAN BATTLE CAMO”- Available in URBAN BLK/GRY or URBAN BLK MULTICAM) on slide, Single Color Anodized Accessories. 
  • Black frame only
  • Killer Innovations Velocity Barrel in MDC or Ti-Ni Coatings
  • Standard or Suppressor Height Sights from “NIGHT FISION PRECISION TRITIUM”
  • Anodized Gun Co Battle Trigger / Safety with OEM trigger bar and GHOST INC Spring kit and 3.5 lb GHOST Connector (fit to pistol)
  • Black Anodized Gun Co FAST Magwell with the all new “Nielson” Nose-Cut 
  • Anodized Low-Pro Gun Co Basepad
  • Extended Gun Co Mag-Release, (Gen 3 only)

*** All Slides are Hand Finished and Polished in our 3 Step Pre-Coating Surface Treatment ***

(Gen 5 mods available upon request )